System Thinking

Course project

The project aimed to find a solution to help people transition towards the use of plastic alternatives. The Flocking model from NetLogo was used to generate possible conditions for people to take initiatives or to follow existing leaders.

A population of birds.

About the course

"We are transitioning from the age of design for the part to the age of design for the whole. Systems thinking, languages of design, and product life cycles are integrated and they form the solid foundation for innovative products. This course provides students with the tools required to succeed in today's dynamic market and a world of uncertainty. Actionable theory is absorbed through market-specific projects."

Birds flock into two groups that move in a single direction.
All birds moving in a single direction.
Birds flock into many groups that are small but similar in size and stick strongly to their group.
Birds flock in different size groups and move orderly within their group.
Birds flock into a few medium-size groups and some birds migrate between groups.
Birds flock into groups in various sizes. Many birds migrate between groups.